PUBG Mobile India: Launch date, Features, Competition 

PUBG Mobile India: Launch date, Features, Competition:- Millions of mobile gamers are super excited after PUBG Corporation announced their return in India through social media posts during Diwali. Soon it was reported that the game would hit the Indian market on November 13 but the game was not released on that day.

Amid ban of many Chinese apps, the PUBG Corporation last month announced that they would be releasing an Indian version of PUBG Mobile which will be known as PUBG Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile India launch date

PUBG Corp. is yet to announce the launch date of PUBG Mobile India. It has so far come up with the official website of PUBG Mobile India, Facebook page and YouTube channel. It has also launched teaser videos featuring PUBG Mobile players Dynamo, Kronten and Jonathan. But its gameplay and features are yet to be revealed.

It is to be noted that Krafton is planning to enter India to run PUBG for a sustainable future in the country. Krafton has also announced to invest USD 100 million in India to contribute to the development of the video game, esports, IT, and entertainment industries. Krafton has announced to set up a branch office in India and hite around 100 people specializing in game development, business, and esports.

During Diwali it was announced that PUBG would soon return to India and then since several reports have surfaced regarding its launch date.

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